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Cognitive abilities are the basic mental abilities we use to think, study, and learn. They include a wide variety of mental processes used to analyze sounds and images, recall information from memory, make associations between different pieces of information, and maintain concentration on particular tasks. Cognitive skill strength and efficiency correlates directly with students’ ease of learning.

There are numerous literature on such cognitive abilities ( or skills as some may call it). In general, it is accepted that for effective learning, there are four main areas of concern. These are:

  • Concentration
  • Perception
  • Memory
  • Logical Thinking
    • The MINDMAX program focuses on these key abilities:

      • Processing Speed, which is the efficiency the brain process the data it receives.
      • Auditory Processing, which is the skill of analyzing, segmenting and blending sounds.
      • Visual Processing, which is the ability to receive and manipulate visual information.
      • Memory skills, which involve the short term working memory and long term storage and recall
      • memory required to build concepts and accumulate knowledge.
      • Logic and Reasoning, which is the ability necessary to create new and likely relationships
      • between information received and learnt.
      • Attention Skills, broadly divided into Sustained Attention (to stay focused on task), Divided Attention (to focus on several important points simultaneously) and Selected Attention ( to quickly sort and discard distractions or irrelevant incoming information and remain focused on the important information or instruction).


      The Cognitive Learning Achiever’s Program (CLAP), is structured into four modules,

      The MINDMAX ® Cognitive Learning Achiever’s Program (CLAP) organizes the relevant learning ability training into four broad modules:


      The training is activity based involving the use of audio, visual and other kits to help students improve their mental and fine motor skills.

      The student will be trained and assessed on these various skills. The assessment will be done before the start of the module and at the end of the module to identify the improvements made as well as to signal any weakness in these learning abilities.

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