Signature Programs

Unleash Your Potential
Interesting activities for students to relax, re-charge and release their creativity and artistry

Challenging Limits
Students are challenged to the limits in this indoor activity – designing creative games, building strategies and having fun at the same time.

Reaching GOALS
A Character Building program conducted by external trainer.
Respect * Gratefulness * Obedience * Attentiveness * Loyalty * Self-Control

Here are some  feedbacks from the students …

I learnt to be responsible and I must look after my own belongings.  Although my parents are strict sometimes, I am still grateful to them.  I must respect them as they take care of me.  I like this programme because it was fun.

Wan Ting (P1, East Spring Primary School)


I learnt about Integrity from the Character Building programme.  I learnt what is right and wrong.  I love the programme because there were a lot of fun activities and interesting games.

Justiana (P2, Poi Ching Primary School)


I learnt about responsibility and to show our gratefulness to people for what they have done for us.  I also learnt to be honest, do not lie, do not shout at my parents, have compassion, be polite, have self-control and to forgive people.

I enjoyed the programme very much because there were lots of fun games.

Tesia (P5, East Spring Primary School)


I learnt to be more responsible.  I also learnt to be more compassionate towards the less fortunate.  I like this programme because it taught me values that I will apply in my daily life.

Chris Yong (P5, East Spring Primary School)