Promising SME 500 Awards 2012

In 2011, Young Champs Eduland Pte Ltd received the Successful Entrepreneur 2011 awards.

This year, again we were awarded Promising SME 500 in January 2012 . Many thanks to all staffs and teachers in Young Champs and also our students and their parents for their supports!


Young Champs Eduland | Promising SME 500 2012The award  recipients are selected based on criteria such as leadership, management, innovation, business and brand performance, customer value generation and projected business sustainability.

Business leaders must have elevated their businesses above other industry players, seized growth opportunities and not involved in scandals, financial black listings or industrial malpractice legal issues.

Other guidelines include innovative concepts with lasting economic value; healthy yearly revenues; sound expansion potential; the ability to manage financial, social and environment risks, obligations and challenges and positive public and professional sentiments from surveys, feedback sessions and ground observations


Teo Chang Wee - PSME500Young Champs Eduland Pte Ltd ranks easily at the top of an Internet search for student care centres in Tampines. Founding director Mr Teo Chang Wee has successfully implemented effective internet marketing along with a wide range of learning courses to make Young Champs a recognised and trusted brand in the industry.

A former IT professional, Mr Teo’s extensive education and working experience in the IT industry have certainly helped in his business. Young Champs differentiates itself by having a strong IT network, customising learning modules to bolster its enrichment courses. There is an Elearning Chinese course that allows international students to learn Chinese through a virtual webinar class, and Mindmax, a brain-training programme designed to improve the cognitive efficiency of its students. There is also Budding Writers, a creative writing programme that aims to unlock the linguistic potential of their students.

Taking an active stance in instilling discipline and values in its students, handheld games and all electronic gadgets are banned from usage in the centre, as they are deemed too distracting and harmful to the learning environment. Opened five years ago, Young Champs retains healthy enrolment figures especially from parents who want a well-rounded enrichment programme for children mostly from the levels of primary one to three. An aspiring entrepreneur, Mr Teo aims to eventually develop the Young Champs brand into a franchise with structured, sustainable operations.


What were the challenges in running your business?
Making the switch from the IT industry to the corporate industry dealing with children and education, which are worlds apart. I needed to learn, adapt and pick up a lot of skills along the way. A lot of trial and error involved. As a learning and child care centre, we have to understand and provide pastoral care for the children on top of academics. We had to learn the different factors that affect a child’s motivation and development. Also, winning the trust of their parents is certainly no easy task. Combining all these with the task of finding good quality
teachers and you can roughly see the kind of difficulties we had to overcome.

At which point did you realise that you’re on the right track?
2010. Enrolment increased; enquiries were also a lot more often. Our presence and awareness went up significantly.

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur since young?
This one is interesting. Since young, people often told me that I should and would be a principal of a school. Now I run a private learning centre. Parents and students sometimes address me as the principal and I do command some kind of authority. It is close enough I suppose!

What would you consider to be your proudest achievements?
Successfully adapting from one field to another unrelated field, and having a strong online presence. Most of our customers find out about Young Champs through the Internet, so I’m happy that our Internet marketing strategies paid off.

“To achieve your goals… feels good. Think positive. Act positive.”