Parents Testimonials & Students Appreciations

.. about “Unleash Your Potential” programme..

This programme is good for children in Student Centre as they get to work as a team & carry out the assigned topic given to them. After viewing their projects, I can see that they had put in a lot of effort & they are very creative in their work. It’s a great activity for the kids during their school holiday.

(P1) Charmaine’s mother, 20/3/13


..about Character Building …

I learnt to be honest.  Sometimes I tell lies even though I know it.  I must change that.  I also learnt to be more responsible because I am always forgetful, especially with my books, and stationery.  My father is always calling me “Forgetful Yeow”.  I really need to stop him from saying it.

I’m grateful to my parents although they are really strict with me.  Think about it, who provides me with clothes, pencils, toys and everything we need?  So, I shall be grateful and nice always.

Grace Yeow (P2, East Spring Primary School)


I learnt a lot from the Character Building programme – to be more compassionate to people, to be kind to people always.  The trainer prepared many fun games.  I like the programme very much.  I will apply what I have learnt in my daily life.

Teo Zhe Kai (P4, Yumin Primary School)


One of our utmost concerns when exploring for care services for our child besides vicinity and quality of care, is halal food. Despite being the only Muslim student back then, we were touched at length, how the Centre was willing to go through in ensuring these needs are met. The Centre is not only sensitive to our religious needs, it provides a safe environment as well as quality care. Both my husband and I appreciate it very much.
We thank Young Champs and its management for the hard-work, dedication as well as understanding in ensuring the care needs of our daughter. Thank you!

Nasim Afruz
(Mother of Yusraa Bte Zulkarnain, student of Young Champs)


This is to acknowledge Young Champs Students Care Centre for providing such a wonderful and conducive environment for after school care service.

We are grateful for all the care and support provided to our sons Rui Xiang and Zi Rui for all these years. Special thanks to teachers Mrs Rani, Mdm Lim & Aunty Chai Yun for looking and guiding them in their schoolwork.

I would recommend Young Champs Students Care Centre to all working parents who are looking for a suitable after school care centre for their children.

Thank you

Mr & Mr Ong (Parents of Zi Rui, P6)


My son, Kwan Hong has shown tremendous improvement in his subjects during the past year with Young Champs. In 2010, he is 2nd in class!
I appreciate the efforts put in by the teachers and principal of Young Champs.

Thank you all!

Cindy, parent of Lee Kwan Hong, East Spring Pri Sch


我们一直很担心他英文方面跟不上学习,但在”跃星托管中心” 这半年来

Young Champs is a good place for students to go after school. I take my
delicious lunch in the pantry, do my homework and attend tuition lessons
in the classrooms. There are many books and toys too.
Jerry Peh (Pri 6) Yumin Pri Sch


I learn a lot from the knowledgeable Young Champs teachers. I can always get help from them when I have doubts about my work. I like the clean cozy air-conditioned environment and delicious home-cooked food too! There are lots of books for browsing. I enjoy play time. There is a great variety of toys to choose from and many friends to play with.

Wee Jing Ying (Pri 5) East Spring Pri Sch


I like the comfortable environment. The teachers are very helpful and caring. I can seek their help whenever I encounter any difficulties

In my home work. I enjoy the yummy food that Aunty prepares.

Juno Sim (Pri 6) East Spring Pri Sch


I don’t feel bored because I can play with many friends. I like the chopstick puppets decorated on  the wall.
Leland Tan (Pri.2) East Spring Pri Sch

Young Champs is a very great and fun place. We can eat delicious food and also play during free time.
From: Natashia (Pri.1) East View Pri Sch


The teachers in Young Champs are kind and helpful. Aunty cooks healthy food.  The centre is cosy.                                                                                  From: Berlyn Neo (Pri.4) East Spring Pri Sch


I love Young Champs Eduland Pte Ltd because I can watch television after I finish my homework. Aunty is a good cook and she cooks healthy food for us.  She is kind to everyone.
From: Felicia Goh (Pri. 2) East Spring Pri Sch


Young Champs is a good student care. There are good teachers. I like auntie’s cooking. It is very delicious! I feel that Young Champs is my second home!
From: Jovan Ong (Pri.4)


I like Young Champs because the games are very fun and the teachers are helpful.
From: Valentino Tai (Pri.3) St Hilda’s School