Learn Chinese Online | ChineseOnline.sg is ‘Live’


SINGAPORE, JUNE 21, 2011: Have you ever wanted to learn Chinese? Now anyone can learn Chinese online with the use of ChineseOnline.sg This innovative website features a live, interactive learning platform that makes it easier for anyone to learn the Chinese language.

Thousands of people who are interested in learning another language invest obscene amounts of money in classes and materials to help them learn the language faster. With the use of ChineseOnline.sg you can focus on the skills you need to master the language in the comfort of your own home. The program courses are designed by University lecturers and are designed to be relevant for your local country. There is a strong emphasis on the material that is used as well as the exercises students use to excel in learning Chinese.

You are never alone when you choose ChineseOnline.sg. The professional teachers use virtual hands on approach that increases the effectiveness of the language training program. You will be able to master Chinese in a fun, lively learning environment that is perfect for anyone regardless of your age or skill level. ChineseOnline.sg is the affordable solution to learning Chinese and also offers full or partial scholarships for students who show great progress.

When you choose ChineseOnline.sg partnered with Hanyu Education (www.hanyu-education.com) you will receive private coaching at a discounted rate, interaction with a small group of students who are also learning the language, structured classes that are easy to understand and follow and the convenience to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. The average classroom has six students per teacher. Classes are instructed by a panel of teachers who have years of experience teaching Chinese. Many of these teachers have come from the top Beijing universities to help develop this unique and effective learning system.

ChineseOnline.sg offers classes for Chinese Business Communications, Chinese for Expatriates and HSK. There are also several skill level examinations offered for students. Classes are available for those who live in Singapore or will send their children to school in Singapore. There is an open door policy on international students around Singapore. Learning Chinese has never been easier thanks to the specially designed learning system at ChineseOnline.sg. For more information on scheduling classes, course descriptions, tuition prices or learning the Chinese language, visit ChineseOnline.sg or contact Chuang Wei Zhang via email at contact@chineseonline.sg or phone at 65-9853 4284; or visit the website at http://www.ChineseOnline.sg.