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The school holidays are here! How can your children be occupied in a meaningful way? Apart from going on tour, do you have any other plans?

Instead of letting your children play computer, iPhone, DS, XBOX, Gameboy, PSP, Wii, iPad or watch TV the whole day long, why not send them for a fun-filled MINDMAX Holiday Programme?

MATHS & ENGLISH MAX is a program wholly devoted to teaching children aged 7 to 9 studying in our local mainstream schools.
It is specially designed to boost students’ Mathematics and English the fun and exciting way with MINDMAX!

We concentrate fully on :
Auditory and Visual Memory
Helps the student remember when the teacher teaches or explain something verbally. Help the student remember information displayed on the whiteboard; books; test-papers; Important when student is revising his work; memorizing spelling; math formulas. Students will learn voice intonation and phonemic sounds, skills that are advantageous for building reading skills.

Concentration & Attention span
Help the student focus and think at a deeper level, e.g reading a difficult passage, book, etc; doing a 4-step word problem.

Mental Calculation
Help the student’s speed in math calculation. Students will learn counting first before addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

It is conducted in a group environment very similar to that of the school classroom (i.e. students are trained in the midst of noise and distractions). This method of training ensures that the child is able to learn even under the normal noisy classroom conditions

During each session, your child will participate in specially-designed activities. These activities also strengthen the foundations for efficient handwriting and increased focus.

Date: 4,5,6 June 2012 (3 days)
Time: 10am – 1pm
Fees : $252 per child (inclusive of material)
No of days : 3
Each lesson :  3hrs

For registration and more details ,please call us at 98534284

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