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December 2011 School Holidays Programme | Mindmax Brain Training

Year End School Holidays will be here soon and it’s time for children to have fun and it’s time for the parents and teachers to relax!

How can your children be occupied in a meaningful way? Apart from going on tour, do you have any other plans?

Instead of letting your children playing computer, iPhone, DS, XBOX, Gameboy, PSP, Wii, iPad or watching TV the whole day long,why not send them for a fun-filled MINDMAX Holiday Programme?

So…what is MINDMAX Brain Training all about……

MINDMAX Brain Training started with the vision to empower students with enhanced learning abilities, to equip them with skills and to inspire them to become achievers. Our programmes are specially designed to help students to achieve this through interactive, fun and engaging activities.

MINDMAX Brain Training has been operating since April 2005. Up to date, we have many centers island wide. More than 1000 students have graduated from our programmes and benefited from them. Our programme is suitable for K2 – Pri 6 students.


Date: 7 Dec to 9 Dec 11 (Wed to Fri)
Time: 9.00am to 12.00nn

Fees: $288, inclusive of materials

Topics that will be covered ……

  • Visual Memory – Enhance student’s ability to remember information by seeing.
  • Sustained Attention – Helps the child to pay attention to a task for a very long time .
  • Visual Imagination – Enhance student’s visualization skills and ability to manipulate images.

Call 98534284 To Enroll Today!

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