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March 2008 School Holidays Programme

Unleash Your Potential Through our creative team building programme!

During the March school holidays, we organized an interesting activity that will enable the students to relax, re-charge and release their creativity and artistry – “Unleash Your Potential”.  It was an an overwhelming success, thanks to the active participation of the students and parents.

The objective of this session was to foster team work and cooperation among the students. In the process, they worked as a team to research topics recommended by teachers via internet, books or day to day experiences. Upon completion of the research,  students produced the reports in the form of posters and were given the opportunity to present to the class verbally.  We are glad that we have achieved the objective as demonstrated in the art works. This was further confirmed in the feedbacks that we received from the students. A student wrote “I like this programme because I learn how to work as a team…” and from another student, “I like this programme because I learn to co-operate with other learners. There are some who looked forward to more challenging tasks.

In this programme, team Life Cruzer came in first,  closely followed by the team High School, with team Batman in the third place. Gabriel Tan is the winner of the Young Champs Leader award. He has shown strong leadership quality and has unanimous support from the teachers and students. To us, all are winners because we have discovered creativity and strong team spirits in the students. We believe all our Young Champs can excel and groom to be our future leaders!

To the parents who participated in the “Your Parent’s Choice”, we would like to express our sincere thank you..


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