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Christmas Party 2007

Since the incorporation of Young Champs Eduland in Nov 2007, this is the first year that we celebrated the Christmas with the teachers and children at the Centre.

Other than the sumptuous food, the teachers organized games and the children even performed in a mini-concert!

We were so impressed with the children – they started to rehearse in less than a week before the big day, yet they were so GOOD! We even have a guitarist.

Christmas is also a time of sharing and giving, so we continue to practice the tradition of gift exchange. You can imagine the eagerness in the children to get their presents!

The Christmas party was an enjoyable and memorable event! Special thanks to all the teachers and parents who contributed in a way or another, to make the party a huge success.

We look forward to another get-together! Next time, we thought we should involve the parents too.

More pictures for the day….

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December Holidays Programme – Creative Writing for Children

Creative Writing for Children was conducted during the December 2007, school holidays, 3 Dec – 7 Dec 2007.

It was a stimulating and interactive workshop delivered by experienced teacher, Ms Ho JK. The students participated in group activities, such as the Word Game, to bring creative writing ‘alive’.

General Course Outline:
• Appreciate Creative Writing
• Draw Concept Maps and Use them in brainstorming and planning for Creative Writing
• Use and adapt the strategies for in Creative writing
• Motivate the Joy of Creative Writing

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Welcome to Young Champs Eduland

We are incorporated!

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