Successful Entrepreneur 2011

Young Champs Eduland Pte Ltd was awarded Successful Entrepreneur in 2011.

Young Champs Eduland Pte Ltd
Mr Teo Chang Wee MSc, GDBA

Tremendous improvement in academic results, caring teachers, yummy food. “These are reflected in the written testimonials on how our comprehensive Learning Road Map helped our students in their studies and character-building,” said Mr Teo Chang Wee. After founding the four-year old Student Care Centre in Tampines for primary one to six students, Young Champs is now gradually realising its Mission Statement: ‘To focus on the holistic development of every child, providing inspirational learning and leadership training, complete with character-building skills to create individuals with a difference.’

He shared. “We designed the Learning Road Map for children as early as pre-primary. In the last quarter of the year, we conduct intensive English & Mathematics classes, to prepare them for Primary One the following year. Along the way, our students can attend enrichment classes like creative writing and word power. Also, co-operating with Mindmax, we organise brain training courses for students.”

Leveraging on his abundant Information Technology job experience, he has also introduced a supportive environment with broadband wireless Internet access. With teachers’ facilitation, the students complete their eLearning assignments on time. In July, the Centre launched an online Chinese course, whereby students attend Chinese lessons conducted ‘live’ on the Internet, by teachers from Beijing, China.

During school holidays, Young Champs also engages professional trainers to promote Values like respect, gratefulness, obedience, attentiveness, loyalty and self-control in students through character-building courses and various activities. Through  outdoor learning, an essential part of the Young Champs’ curriculum, the Centre organises Field Discovery Trips during school holidays for learning about Nature, History and Humility. Teacher-student bonding is further enhanced through carolling, games and potluck during the X’mas season.

Young Champs inspires leadership and confidence through its two powerful programmes – ‘Unleash your Potential’ and ‘Challenging Limits’. Through shared research, planning own indoor games and ample presentation opportunities, students participate in team-building activities. “Our focus is on nurturing Young Champs Leaders,” said Mr Teo.

“Having come this far, we intend to franchise our study programmes island-wide and eventually, abroad.” With this concrete  Learning Road Map blue-print in hand, the entrepreneur is bringing Young Champs to greater heights and success.


“Follow your heart wherever you go. With ALL your heart  –  and passion. The rewards will inevitably follow.”